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Name Isla
Gender Female
Age 18 months (As of 8/15/23)
Breed Mastiff mix
Weight 105lbs
Dog Good with dogs
Cat Needs work. Curious; if cat runs she wants to chase
Kids Children 40+ lbs for safety reasons
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash In training, pulls
Behavioral Friendly, nervous/timid around teenage boys.
Barker No
Location Fostered in El Sobrante, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Isla! Sweet Isla (formerly Brigid) is a happy, friendly, enthusiastic, loving 18 month old,  giant puppy-girl. She is full grown physically at about 105 lbs, but is still a teenager developmentally. She is a Mastiff / mix. If you are a big-dog person, then you need to meet her! She will steal your heart with her big eyes, her “you’d better love me” attitude, and her giant hugs, and her goofy antics!

Isla and her litter were rescued at 2 weeks old from an illegal dog-meat farm in South Korea, after the owner abandoned the dogs to escape a wildfire that tore through the area. Sadly, the dogs were left stuck in their cages and many did not survive the fire. We cannot imagine the horror these dogs had to go through, not only being raised as meat dogs, but also surviving the wildfire. Fortunately for Isla, she was in an area of the property that wasn’t badly burned, and she escaped with only minor injuries.

Isla loves adults, young kids, and other dogs. She’s nervous about teenage boys, though. She does fine in the crate, is house trained, and does well in the car. She loves walks, and does great with a Halti or other no-pull harness. She’s a big girl and can have enthusiastic energy, but it doesn’t take much to keep her tired and mellow! (She’s not going to be a 10-mile-hike companion.) Her favorite hobbies are sleeping on the couch, sleeping next to the couch, and sleeping across the room from the couch. She is smart, and will probably be the star pupil when her adopter takes her to an obedience class.

For videos and more pictures of Isla, visit @villagedogsden on Instagram.

Isla is being fostered in El Sobrante, Richmond, CA. She is patiently waiting for a person or family with a heart big enough to hold all the love she has ready to give!