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Name Toby
Gender Male
Age 6.5 months old
Breed Jindo/Balbari Mix
Weight 25-30lbs
Dog Good with dogs, but has resource guarding so needs a savvy home if there's another dog in the home
Cat No cats
Kids Good with kids 16+
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken In training
Leash In training
Behavioral Slight separation anxiety, has car sickness, resource guarding with food
Barker Barks if someone is outside home, otherwise quiet.
Adoption fee $550
Location Fostered in Napa, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Toby! Toby is a 6.5 month old Jindo/Balbari Mix, around 20 lbs. He is a very happy and energetic pup that loves playing tug-of-war. Toby gets along very well with other humans and fellow dogs he meets on walks. He can become very excited, which results in some jumping, zooms, and play biting. He would do well with a family that is active and can provide him the space to let his energy out. While very friendly, Toby’s excitement might be too much for small children and small pets. He is a reserved barker only letting out the occasional huff or bark when hearing sounds outside the door. He is sometimes spooked by sudden sounds when walking, especially at night, but otherwise likes to stay close while on the leash and only occasionally pulls.

Toby does have food aggression. He does not like his larger meals taken away from him and can get upset if you try to take objects out of his mouth. He is responding well to “drop it” training and is very food motivated. Toby loves hugs, belly rubs, and doesn’t mind being picked up, having his nails trimmed, or baths. He is crate trained and often chooses to take naps in his crate throughout the day. Toby has slight separation anxiety and will whine for a few minutes when you leave the home. He is also prone to car sickness. We are looking for a home that is ready for Toby’s energy, affection, and willing to put in the time/effort to work with him to bring out his full potential. Toby is patiently waiting!