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Name Tammy
Gender Female
Age 2 years old
Breed Jindo/Shiba mix
Weight 30-35lbs.
Dog Ok with dogs, can play rough sometimes
Cat N/A
Kids N/A
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Pad trained
Leash Ok on leash, she will often get excited and pull on leash, however she is improving
Barker Will bark at strange noises and squirrels
Adoption fee $650
Location Fostered in Vallejo, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Tammy! Tammy is an adorable 2 year old Jindo/Shiba mix. She was rescued when her time ran out at the shelter. This sweet girl is very friendly and affectionate. She is a little ball of energy. She helped her foster’s super shy dog open up and get over some of his fears such as walking on steps. Sometimes she’ll play rough with him, which is okay. If it gets to be too much then her foster parents carry her to the crate and she walks right in.

Tammy often gets a burst of energy at night even after outside play time, so again her foster parents carry her to the crate and she walks right in. She eventually calms down and falls asleep.

She’s not a picky eater and very food motivated. She likes to chew on things so her fosters make sure she has her favorite chew toys. So kibble to eat, dried chicken treats when training, and chew toys keep this girl content. If there’s treats involved, then she will follow commands such as “sit” and “lay down”.

Tammy is currently pad trained and is currently being trained to potty outside so she’ll need further help on that. Ideal home would be an active home with some dog training experience. She loves going on walks and/or jogs. She’ll jump right in or right out of the car ready to go on an adventure. A home with a secure fence is also ideal so she can be her energetic self. 

We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Tammy is patiently waiting!