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Polar Bear

Name Polar Bear (Minchul)
Gender Female
Age 3 years (as of 9/7/22)
Breed Jindo mix
Weight 50-55lbs.
Dog Loves other dogs, can be reactive.
Cat No cats, high prey drive
Kids Kids 12+
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash Will pull when afraid
Behavioral Happy and playful, but afraid of hands
Barker No
Adoption fee Sponsored
Location Fostered in El Sobrante, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

Meet Polar Bear! Sweet Polar Bear is a special dog, who is looking for a unique person or family. She was found in the mountains of Korea, and her exact background isn’t known. What is certain, is that she was horribly mistreated by humans, with permanent physical and emotional scars.

Polar Bear came to the US almost fully feral. She has been in foster for over a year, working through her terror of being touched. She is finally at the point that she will allow her foster mom to touch her in certain circumstances – and even seems to enjoy ear rubs, on the couch at night! Most of the time, she is still afraid of hands, and has to be cornered to be leashed or touched. She will happily lick her foster mom’s fingers in greeting, but she still runs away when foster mom reaches to pet her.

Polar Bear is easy to have around the house. She is house trained with a doggie door, doesn’t chew things up, and doesn’t bark much. Once she is leashed, she loves to go on walks in open spaces and parks (where there aren’t many people), and she rides well in the car. She doesn’t know Sit or Down, but she does what she’s told through ritual and routine building. She is happy, and blissfully enjoys life as long as she’s not forced to be near people.

Polar Bear needs a home with a yard, no children, and no cats. She would thrive with another confident and playful dog. (She is being fostered with several other dogs whom she loves, and would be ecstatic to be adopted with one of them.)

If you are looking for an enthusiastically friendly dog, who is going to giddily greet all of your house guests, go with you to restaurants, and jump in your lap – Polar Bear isn’t your girl. But if you want to help a traumatized, sweet, deserving girl rebuild her trust in humans, she is ready to give her love fully.

Polar Bear is being fostered in El Sobrante. If you think you might be the special, patient person who can help this sweet girl recover from her past, Polar Bear is patiently waiting to meet you.