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Name Laika
Gender Female
Age 3 years old
Breed Laika/Jindo mix
Weight 40-45lbs.
Dog Good with dogs
Cat N/A
Kids Good with kids
Crate-trained Good in crate
Housebroken Yes
Leash In Training
Behavioral Some resource guarding behavior (toys) towards dogs, but not people. Some leash reactivity to other dogs and prey (squirrels, lizards, turkeys etc), but learning “leave it.” High prey drive.
Barker Light. Will bark when she sees something outside she wants to chase (squirrels, turkeys, etc)
Adoption fee $650
Location Fostered in Richmond/ El Sobrante, CA
Additional Note Korea International program

 Meet Laika! Laika is an adorable 3 year old Jindo/Collie mix! This sweet girl was rescued from a slaughter house in South Korea. Regardless of a horrible past, she is a very friendly and sweet girl. 

Laika is a wonderful dog with tons of personality. She is sweet, friendly, playful, and smart. Despite her harsh past she still loves human affection and interaction. She will sit there forever while you hold her face in your hands and give her kisses! She has spent time with kids (4-12 years old) and has never shown anything but her sweet temperament. She is not shy or skittish. She has a naughty side and is into *everything* she can reach, including your shoes, socks, stuffed animals, slippers, Halloween decorations(!)… so she will need to be watched until she learns the ropes and rules of the house. She is eager to please and learns quickly. Super smart.


Laika is highly toy motivated, especially balls, and learning to play a proper game of fetch (rather than keep away!), which is probably her favorite activity in life right now! She is very playful with her foster home’s 2-year old female husky mix so having another playful dog would be a good match. She is a high energy dog and loves long walks, hikes, and runs. This girl can GO so an active, involved owner that can devote regular exercise and focused playtime would be ideal. She is very calm and relaxed at home after she has been exercised.


She has started some basic obedience and responds well to leadership. She is comfortable in her kennel. She eats meals in her crate, and sleeps through the night in it. She is housetrained, but is given regular potty breaks (every 2 hours) throughout the day. She is still learning leash manners but is improving every day.


We know you will fall in love with Laika when you meet her. She is a special dog that is waiting for her special family. This is your chance to give this amazing dog her second chance! Laika ia patiently waiting!