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Name Arrow
Gender Male
Age 7 years old (as of 9/7/22)
Breed Formosan Mountain Dog mix
Weight 60-65lbs.
Dog Not friendly with all dogs, but mainly loves puppies and small dogs. Afraid of larger dogs and can be prickly/confrontational at home/leash, yet is TOTALLY FINE in daycare setting off leash.
Cat No cats
Kids No Kids
Crate-trained No
Housebroken Yes
Leash Yes, but walks with a gentle leader as he is a large puller on harness.
Behavioral Arrow is a very sensitive soul. He can have food aggression with other dogs (sometimes), and walking on leash almost always comes with instances of reactivity - often not his fault, but he will react to being acted at. In recent years he has had sensitivities to: men with dark colored beards, Bernese Mountain Dogs, as well as small children. Scaredy cat who also likes to hunt, he's a bit complex at times.
Barker Yes
Adoption fee Sponsored
Location Bay Area, CA

Meet Arrow! Arrow is an adorable 7 year old Formosan Mountain dog mix. He is sweet, lovable, and goofy – enjoys the beach, exploring new places and doing zoomies. Arrow is a lover of squirrel hunting, vanilla ice cream, dog playdates at daycare, digging, and chasing flies!

His ideal home would be with an adult family without children or other animals (unless a puppy), one who enjoys an active lifestyle. Arrow is SMART, and would do well with a new family who can work on teaching him new tricks, implement boundaries, and how to control his impulses to not be the alpha in the home. We are looking for a home who understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a dog as a member of their family. Arrow is patiently waiting!