Harley – Adopted!

UPDATE: Guess what? The happy boy Harley has officially found his forever home! Yay! Check out the happy fella with his new forever mom Bekah! Bekah is the sister of one of our previous adopter Hannah who adopted a beautiful blue pittie from us, we love it when our rescue pups become family! Enjoy your life Harley! You are going to be one spoiled little guy!

Meet Harley! Harley is an adorable 2 year old Boston terrier who was surrendered to us due to ‘lack of time’. Harley is good with other dogs and great with kids. He is ok on leash, and is housebroken. We are looking for a home that understands the breed and their needs. Harley is a very active guy who loves to be around you and follow you around. This spunky fella would do best in a active home that will give him the exercise he needs and attention he deserves!

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Our Friends at Sirius Republic Collars

Hey everyone! Looking for a sturdy new collar for your furry friend? Want to choose from a gallery of different designs? Well~ check out  the collars at Sirius Republic! Our friends at Sirius Republic created a rescue code for us, by entering the code: RPLS12 upon check out 20% of the proceeds will be donated to us. Below is a photo of our mange puppy rescue Buttercup wearing the ‘Plum Blossom’ collar!


Prince – A Special Dog For A Special Home

Every dog is special, every dog deserves a second chance. This is especially true in Prince’s case. This poor 6 year old Husky was dumped at the shelter for dead, he was covered in open wounds and extremely emaciated. Regardless of his pain, he still wagged his tail and soaked up all the love he could get. How could someone watch such a beautiful guy suffer? Prince is a special needs dog, his back legs are paralyzed and will require a wheelchair for mobility. Don’t have that fool you though, this guy can move around fine with his wheelchair and will play play play! You can follow his recovery on his page below. Please share and lets get this guy a forever one!

View full bio: http://lovesecondchances.com/adoptable/prince-adoptable/

Rescue photos:


The Adorable New Rescue Girl, Laila!

Meet Laila, our newest rescue! This was the photo I saw of her that completely melted my heart. How adorable is this girl!? Laila came from a very small shelter that didn’t have a lot of resources but are doing their best to hang onto their dogs. She came in as a stray and was never redeemed, poor girl was so skinny her ribs and hip bones were completely visible. Regardless Laila did not hesitate to cover you with sloppy kisses! Laila was so happy to get out of the shelter her whole body literally wiggled with joy! I believe with some TLC she will look 100% better in no time! This little sweetheart is looking for a forever home, please share! (=

View full bio: http://lovesecondchances.com/adoptable/laila-adoptable/