Name: Jammy
Age: 2.5 months (as of 2/7/18)
Gender: Male
Breed: Shepherd/FMD mix
Weight: 10-15lbs
Dogs: Good with dogs
Cats: Good with cats
Kids: Good with kids
Housebroken: No
Crate trained: In training
Leash: In training
Brief Bio:

Meet Jammy! Jammy was rescued along with his litter mates when they were abandoned in a construction site. One of Jammy’s sibling somehow got caught in the wired fence and was yelping in pain which brought the attention of dog rescuers in the area. Luckily they were able to get them all to safety and to the vet for a full check up. Jammy is a very sweet puppy who would love nothing more then to find a home to call his own. We are looking for a home that understands the responsibilities of owning and raising a puppy. Jammy is patiently waiting!


"Hello Melody, I can’t believe it’s now been a month and a half since I have adopted Jameis (previously Jammy). He is such a love! He became and still is very attached to me almost from the first day. It has been so fun watching him grow through these weeks and watching him just be a puppy. He loves to chase birds, bugs and squirrels and run free through the grass. Jameis also loves other dogs that he meets and wants to play with them all, although he has yet to meet another puppy with his energy. He loves cuddling with mom and chasing his ball, which he already knows how to fetch. He has learned how to sit and lay down and once he has all his shots in a few weeks will start his official training. He is very smart and very obedient (although sometimes he just ignores me when he doesn’t want to listen :)) He is still timid with people but has gotten much better since I first adopted him. He has already gone on two camping trips, one in the mountains and one in the desert. He enjoys hiking and has met some farms animals which he is super curious about. Bottom line, Jameis just wants to be loved! If I could play and snuggle with him all the time he would be the happiest. He has been a great friend already and makes me laugh and smile every day. The process has been great and I really thank Love and Second Chances for all their work with him. I was worried that he wouldn’t bond with me, especially since I hadn’t met him before, but we have such a special bond now. I just have to remember to be patient and just love him unconditionally. Thank you again! Christa Varda"

How to help?

If you have extra time on your hand and would like to help please consider volunteering! Rescue groups need dedicated volunteers to help with events, fundraisers, home checks, transports, etc. All of these things help enable the rescue to expand their network and help more dogs in need.

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